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Trip to the Amalfi Coast: Agerola & the Path of Gods, Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento, Ravello, Capri, Pompeii, and Vesuvius.

Campania is a fantastic region where you always feel welcome

Once again, due to COVID, we stayed in Italy which fortunately is the most beautiful country in the world, or so they say, and offers many travel opportunities and unique and incredible places to visit. Of course, however, that flying and visiting an unknown country is a different feeling.

We then ventured with dad’s old car from Sicily to Campania for another trip by land to visit extraordinary places, for beauty and above all for pizza!

Our destination was the Amalfi Coast, 50 kilometers of coastline south of the Sorrento Peninsula. World famous for the scenic beauty of its rugged coastline dotted with small beaches and pastel-colored fishing villages. The coastal road between the city of Salerno and the rocky ridge of Sorrento winds through sumptuous villas, terraced vineyards and lemon groves overlooking the sea.

From the Cathedral of Amalfi
Lara The Explorer and the Amalfi Coast trip


Arrived in Agerola after a long journey from Sicily, we relaxed in our new cottage with garden. Agerola is world famous for the Path of the Gods, one of the most beautiful walks in the world that reaches Positano after about four hours of panoramic walk of extraordinary beauty.


The first day we dedicated it to one of the most extraordinary archaeological sites in the world: Pompeii. buried in 79 AD from the eruption of Vesuvius. The ruins of an entire city disappeared under the ashes together with all its population surprised by the explosion of the Vesusio crater and by the immense amount of volcanic ash that covered it. Of noteworthy importance are the Villa dei Misteri (closed to the public) with pornographic frescoes absolutely unique in the world and the Roman amphitheater.
Pompeii is also well known for its Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary, destination of many faithful who believe in the miraculous Madonna of Pompeii.

Lara at Pompei


We dedicated our second day to visiting the Vesuvius crater. We immediately noticed how the roads leading to the top are very bad and totally inadequate. At the top, we were surprised that a ticket is asked for access to the crater but that there is no ticket office. In fact, tickets can only be purchased online and, given that we are now an ultra-modern society and totally dependent on the internet and smart phones, nothing to complain if it were not for the fact that when arriving on no phone it has an internet signal and no wifi is offered. for the purchase of tickets.
The only thing to do is to go down three or four kilometers until you reach the restaurant and the gift shop where some great people offer assistance and their wifi signal for buying tickets for free.

The walk around the crater is extraordinary and frightening the proximity of what is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world to the inhabited centers of hundreds of thousands of people who live at the foot of the volcano and which, in the event of an eruption, would be quickly reached. from lava and ashes.

Returning from the visit of the crater we stopped for lunch at the Douce Atmosphere restaurant: very kind staff, great food and absolutely fair prices. Highly recommended!

On top of the Vesuvius


Upon returning from Vesuvius, we stopped in Ravello.
Ravello is a tourist resort with an extraordinary view of the Amalfi Coast. It is known for its cliff gardens. Villa Rufolo, in Moorish style and dating from the 13th century, offers sweeping views from the terraced gardens and hosts indoor and outdoor concerts during the famous summer Ravello Festival.

The center of Ravello

The Path of Gods

Another day, another walk. But this time the walk was truly remarkable. We left the house on foot until we reached the Path of the Gods that leads from Agerola to Positano. A walk longer than expected under a single scorching heat mitigated by the breathtaking beauty of the landscapes.

View along the Path of Gods
The Path of Gods


After more than four hours of walking we reached the locality of Nocelle in the municipality of Positato. From Nocelle a bus took us to the famous beach of Positano, a magical town on the Amalfi Coast.
We were impressed not so much by the prices that we had widely imagined, but rather by the quality of the food that remains very high and where with just over 10 euros it is still possible to order a pizza with an authentic and therefore extraordinary taste, sitting directly on the beach in Positano.

Lara and mom at the beach of Positano
Resting time along the Path of Gods


After three days of walking, finally some relaxation to visit Sorrento. Parking at the port, lunch based on fish and, by lift, on to visit the splendid Sorrento with a spectacular view of its Gulf, the Vevuvius and Naples.

Panorama from the public gardens of Sorrento


On our way back from Sorrento, we stopped in Amalfi to visit this beautiful location. Pay attention to parking: the cost is very high!

With mom at Amalfi
The Cathedral of Amalfi


Last day of vacations. We reached the port of Amalfi by bus from Agerola, avoiding, among other things, having to pay for the parking which costs 5 euros per hour or fraction of an hour. From Amalfi by boat we left for Capri, making a short stop in Positano.

In Capri we walked up to the square. A walk of about thirty minutes under the sun up endless stairs! Next time we will take the funicular which is much more comfortable …
Capri is a very elegant island where all the most luxurious shops have their own point of sale. From the Gardens of Augustus overlooking the Faraglioni of Capri the view is truly incredible.

Excellent lunch at very fair prices at the Longano Restaurant, a few meters from the famous Piazzetta of Capri, before heading down to the port for a refreshing swim in the sea.

The Faraglioni of Capri


I told you daddy’s car was old. In fact, just before entering the highway (and fortunately I would add before) the battery suddenly died. Quick and free roadside assistance from the insurance company Con.te and replacement of the faulty battery at a very fair price. The kindness of the people of Campania deserves our standing ovation. We made it!

When a car battery dies

More Photos of the Trip to the Amalfi Coast …

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