Volcano Salt Lake Atacama Desert, Chile-Bolivia-Argentina

South America

South America is the fourth largest continent in the world, between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It stretches from the southern coast of the Caribbean Sea to Tierra del Fuego. It includes the Andes Mountains, the Amazon River, and large areas of tropical rainforest, as well as many large cities. Brazil and Argentina are the biggest countries in the South American continent. Let alone Brazil where the official language is Portuguese, in all the other countries of South America the main language is Spanish. This continent offers incredible landscapes. They go from the Andean peaks to the Amazonian rainforest, from the Patagonian glaciers to the Incan ruins. Moreover, you can find amazing colonial towns and pristine white-sand beaches. South America is a place for incredible adventures. Lara The Explorer will soon visit this breathtaking land.

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I have not been there yet but I will in the future. Please, come back later!