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North America

The heart of North America beats thru amazing forests, endless fields, barren deserts, huge metropolises, and offbeat roads. Canada, the United States, Mexico, and all other Central American countries have a lot to offer. Furthermore, with endless landscapes, Canada is an immense country with untouched nature. Certainly, the USA is the land of endless possibilities. There are 51 diverse States and lots of places that offer a unique experience to visitors. In contrast, Mexico has coastal plains, temperate highlands, and extensive mountain ranges  This diversity gives rise to a range of different climate zones in Mexico. The Central American states and the Carribean states complete the wonderful North American continent. Lara looks forward to being back to these beautiful places and write about her new adventures in North America.

Lara and Mom happy at Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden. Lara is the youngest travel blogger in the wotld.

Hawaii: Oahu, Honolulu, Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, Lanikai Beach, and much more!

Hawaii is the most beautiful tropical place on earth. The Hawaiian archipelago is about 3,200 kilometers from the coast of the United States. We visited Oahu, the most cosmopolitan and beautiful island. Eighty percent of Hawaii’s population lives on Oahu. There are plenty of places and incredible beaches to visit. The island is relatively small and it has good...