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Bratislava in Slovakia: The small capital of a peaceful country in Europe

Bratislava is the tiny capital of Slovakia, a tiny, little, and peaceful country in Europe. Bratislava boasts many historical buildings inside a charming old town center. Elegant cafes and lots of restaurants offering tasty local food make Bratislava perfect for relaxing and an easy-going place.

The small city of Bratislava

Bratislava is the capital and Slovakia is the country where my parents came to a decision to have my second trip outside my home country. At the time, I was fifteen months old and already started taking some small steps and just wanted to roam around. Well, I just learned to walk so obviously I will enjoy this freedom of movements.

Bratislava city center
City center

Out and about in the capital of Slovakia

We arrived in the late afternoon in Bratislava and was still late springtime so, it was still cold however, it did not stop us to explore the old town. Certainly, the Old Town is a lovely historic center with charming small alleys, ornate buildings, unique cuisines, and laid-back feels. Moreso, there are many interesting points to see around the old town like the St. Michaels Tower, Zichy’s Palace, Pallfy’s Palace and St. Martin’s Cathedral. There were also many street musicians entertaining locals and tourists that made the street lively.

Pedestrian zone
Pedestrian zone

The Main Square is the historical center and noteworthy of attention. It is where the Old Town Hall, the famous clock tower, the Maximillian Fountain in the center of the square and other eye-catching historical buildings. There are cafes around to stop by to marvel the view around or just people watching.

Bratislava old town
The old town

Home abroad

While walking around, we saw something familiar, a signage in Italian language and got curious what it was? It was an Italian food fair and a few stools were selling Sicilian products.

Italian food fair
Italian food fair

The Zoo

Furthermore, we went to Bratislava Zoo the next day and that was my first time to visit a zoo and also my first encounter with some animals that I had seen only in my baby books. I had fun interacting with them but sometimes I got a little scared, especially of the huge ones.

Zoo of Bratislava
Zoo of Bratislava

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