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Me at Bo-Kaap in Cape Town

South Africa, probably one of the most beautiful countries in the world

South Africa contains many different worlds: marvelous coasts, majestic mountains, immense expanses of untouched savannah, semi-desert areas of austere beauty, lakes, waterfalls, canyons, forests and boundless plains... not to mention Cape Town, which is without doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In the rainbow country, people will surprise you with...

Lara in Turkey. Lara is the world's youngest travel blogger.

Turkey, the crossroads of Europe and Asia: How it all began.

Turkey, the crossroads of Europe and Asia, is how it all began. And what better place for a European and Asian little girl like me to start my travel adventures than this? By seven months of age, I took seven flights and seven days on a road trip without being a burden to my parents. I was a very good girl. In fact, I am a girl with the wanderlust gene and I will...